Lafarge PVC Cover Blocks

Rs 200/packet


  • IS 456 : 2000 states that “spacers, cover blocks should be of concrete of same strength or PVC”
  • Accurate Reinforcement Cover means right protection to the Steel Reinforcement and Less Maintainance
  • Cover blocks should be placed at maximum spacing of 60cm
  • For footings minimum cover should be 50 mm
  • In the case of columns of minimum dimensions of 200mm or under, whose reinforcing bars do not exceed 12 mm, a normal cover of 25mm may be used.
  • Nominal cover is the dimension used in design and indicated in the drawings.  It shall not be less than the diameter of the bar.

NOTE : The above specifications are as per IS 456:2000

Features :

  • These blocks are lightweight, non-porous and chemically inert in concrete.
  • There is no guarantee that concrete cover blocks are of the same quality as that of the PVC.
  • PVC cover blocks will not rust thus eliminating blemishes on the surface of the concrete.