Choose your cement wisely!

A one-storey house is typically 800-1000 sq. ft.

Typical cost of construction ranges from Rs. 350-450/sq. ft.

Cement usage is about 20 kg/sq. ft. = Rs. 70/sq. ft. (translates to about 320 bags).

Cost of cement ~ 8-17% of total construction cost.

If we take the cost of land as Rs. 1000/ sq. ft., it will drop to 5% of house ownership cost.

This means that the user has to shell out at least Rs. 3-4 lakhs for the house construction and Rs. 50-60 thousand for cement (say 300-350 bags). So, even if he has to pay a premium of Rs 5-10 per bag its only Rs. 1500-3000 for the entire dream house, which he builds once in a lifetime!

The plot of land is typically 2500 sq. ft. and will cost him around Rs. 2-3 lakhs.

So total money spent on the house, including land, is about Rs. 5-8 lakhs.

One more thing – the user should use only the best cement for construction; cement prices alone should not influence his decision of buying one particular cement brand. Because if it is about one’s house, one should get only the best quality cement.