Qualities of Concrete that make it so popular

Qualities of Concrete that make it so popular

Concrete is the most used material on the earth apart from water.

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The Qualities of Concrete that make it so popular are:

#1. Moulded to any shape: Concrete can be poured and moulded into any shape varying from simple beams, columns and slabs to complicated shells and domes. Thus it allow the designer to combine the architectural and structural function & gives freedom to select any size or shape unlike steel and timber sections.

#2. Availability of raw materials: The materials required for concrete- Sand, Gravel & water are often locally available and are relatively inexpensive. Only small amounts of cement (about 14% ) and Reinforcing steel (about 2-4%) are required for production of reinforced concrete.

#3. Low maintenance: Concrete members require less maintenance compared to structural steel or timber members.

#4. Water and Fire resistance: Concrete offers great resistance to the actions of fire & water. A concrete member can have 1 to 3 hours of fire resistance rating without any special proofing material. If constructed and used properly concrete surface can provide better resistance to water than steel sections which require expensive corrosion-resistant coating.

#5. Strength: Concrete has high compressive strength. Since it is weak in tension, that’s why reinforcing steel is provided to enhance its tensile strength.

#6. Good Rigidity: Concrete members are very rigid. Hardening of Concrete continues for a long time even after it has attained sufficient strength.

#7. Durability: Concrete structures are very durable. Some Concrete structures are durable for hundreds of years.

#8. Low skilled labour is required: Comparatively, low skilled labour is required for the fabrication, erection and construction of concrete members than for wooden or steel structures.

#9. Economical: Construction of Concrete members are economical as raw materials are available locally and low skilled labour is required.

#10. Easy Transportation: Concrete can be easily transferred to sites in fresh state or it can be prepared on sites also.


[ Blog Credits: cegyan ]

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